Simply drop them in for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then remove them with a slotted spoon to an ice water bath to cool them quickly and “shock” them as you say. of the food processor and pulse 3 or 4 times. Grill them in curly lengths or knot them in a loop before grilling to make them easier to handle individually with tongs. "You can simply fry a bunch of them up and eat them like green beans with a bit of a garlic flavour to it. Once you get them they will stay fresh in your refrigerator for about 3 weeks. There are many great aspects to garlic scapes that will justify your investment of brain power and derring-do. Since garlic scapes are actually the flower of the garlic plant, pairing it with scallops or shrimps in a stir fry is a no-brainer. The best garlic scapes recipes to inspire you to pick up a bunch at the farmer’s market. You can also use about 5 or 6 Add a splash of water and cover with a lid. As with many culinary delicacies, the season for scapes is short and sweet. So pop into The Garlic Farm or order them online to snag yourself some fresh scapes - before they all escape! Since garlic scapes are one of those weird things in the CSA farm share box, I've collected a bunch of uses for them here and on the blog in my Visual Recipe Index by Ingredient. amount or add some flat leaf parsley to balance whole grain crackers or sliced baguette. Compound butter is basically just a … Garlic Scape Pesto 1 cup Parmesan cheese 1 bunch scapes (about 1/4 lb) 1/2 cup olive oil the garlic scapes and olive oil and process for But my hubby’s friend, who is a Master Gardener, brought in a bunch for us to try. When you want to add garlic taste to a dish, scapes are the thing. The scapes are cut off the plant to encourage larger bulb growth for the garlic in the ground. Garlic scapes. Scapes can be frozen to so you can enjoy them year round. Garlic scapes come from hard neck garlic and they are those wonderful curly tendrils, (curly stems ) that are found above the garlic. Garlic Scapes are the tender flower stalk of hardback garlic that have a mild garlic flavor.We have found that they pair well with most anything you’d use garlic or green onions with. Serve with If you’re new to garlic scapes, this article is … So many uses but enjoy, because garlic scapes are extremely seasonal. But, if you want something that can handle a bunch of different jobs, like sauteing, grilling, or adding a mild garlic punch to something like pesto…that’s scapes… 2. SOLD OUT IN 2020 1 Bunch - Approx 2 - 3lbs Garlic Scapes have a mild flavor that enhances many dishes like soups, salads, and meat dishes. Often referred to as the garlic scape, the stalk also contains flavor and can be used in a number of different recipes. and process until the dip is thick and creamy. Garlic scapes are extremely versatile and can be used similarly to how you would use garlic or scallions to add flavor in a wide array of recipes. 2013. What they were was garlic scapes, as I … Scapes sell in bunches of six to ten. the flavor. The garlic plant has more than one usable portion. There are so many … We usually include 4 in each bunch. Peter Gerber has been growing garlic for more than 10 years at Community Produce in Richmond Corner, just outside of Woodstock. Angela Bosse is a reporter with CBC New Brunswick. Available June 2018. whole grain crackers Eaten raw, they are are crunchy like green beans--but with bigger flavor. A generous Freecycler offered a bunch of them, and Stacey was lucky enough to get the lot. Here are a few: 1) They are are beautiful singly and a little crazy looking when bunched into a bouquet, a Medusa-head, roller-coaster ride of flower bud and stalk. Retailed at $2.99 for a bundle of eight garlic scapes, the 2017 package involved hand harvesting, cooling immediately out of the field and tying an educational label to the bunch. flower tops from elephant garlic. Scapes keep fresh in the refrigerator for about a month, Gerber said, and can also be cut up and stored in the freezer for year-long garlic flavour. "Basically, you just boil up some vinegar and water in equal parts with some salt also in there, and you cut up the scapes so they'll fit in the canning jar ... pour the brine over top," he said. He said some of his customers fry them up in a pan with their scrambled eggs. Small size: 30 g and under, diameter of 41 mm and under, approximately 40 bulbs per kilogram, between 110 and 120 seedlings per kilo**. Add 2 teaspoons lemon juice the dip is a little dry, add 1 to 2 more He grows about 12,000 plants a year, some of which are kept for seed. To maximize the flavour and quality of garlic scapes once home, bundle them in a paper towel and then refrigerate in a perforated zip lock bag. Garlic grows throughout U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 2 through 10. You can use them just like Garlic if you are after a milder Garlic flavour. Medium size: 30 g to 50 g, diameter of 44 mm to 47 mm, 24 to 31 bulbs per kilogram, between 80 and 120 seedlings per kilo**. Q: About how much garlic scape is in one "bunch"? In terms of flavour, 4 - 6 scapes equals the flavour of 1 clove. If you've ever received a bunch of scapes in your produce box and had no idea what to do with them, farmers Peter Gerber and Duncan Godfried have plenty of ideas, Duck magret with wild rice and garlic scape salad, CBC's Journalistic Standards and Practices. Replace some or all of the basil in your favourite recipe, Godfried said. Today, Gerber said the popularity has grown to the point where he has people waiting for them each year. Take the opportunity to remove any diseased plants from the patch at the same time. Or cook it in oil slowly and you can have confit garlic and 3 BEST things to do with garlic scapes. You can eat them raw or cooked, and both whole or chopped. All our scapes and garlic has been picked and dug. They can also be used as a garnish … Weather aside, spring is my favourite food time of the year. A lot of people remove them and just toss them away in the compost bin. A: Hello, We are putting in about a half dozen scapes in a bunch. We’ve even seen garlic … 1/2 lb? Closed Captioning and Described Video is available for many CBC shows offered on CBC Gem. The previous statement was copied from the little piece of paper stuck in the rubber band of the bunch of scapes I acquired at Whole Foods. 1 bunch chard – roughly chopped (rainbow chard makes this dish more colourful) 1-2 cups diced garlic scapes (bite-sized pieces) 1 tbsp butter dash salt Scapes can be eaten in many ways, including fresh or stir-fried, but one of Godfried's favourites is to pickle them. grape tomato halves. Story tip? your scapes are very spicy, you can reduce the Watch this video for a scape pesto recipe: Pesto is another popular way people consume their scapes. It is a priority for CBC to create a website that is accessible to all Canadians including people with visual, hearing, motor and cognitive challenges. Here is a simple recipe for scapes and chard, which are usually both available at the same time. Add the lemon juice, sea salt, and black pepper Grown at Hutchinson Farm since One clove of garlic = 1 seedling. When cooked, garlic scapes have a very mild garlic flavor with a texture and taste somewhere between asparagus and artichoke. They can be sautéed, grilled, diced, added to mashed potatoes and placed on pizzas . If you've ever seen a bunch of curly green stems with a small white bulb on the end at your local farmers' market, or received them in your weekly produce box and wondered what they are, you're not alone. We don't weigh the bunches, but I'm guessing thats about a 1/3 lb. 15 ounces (425 g) cannellini You will need: garlic scapes, walnuts, lemon, pecorino romano, and olive oil. 1. So many scapes…so many recipe ideas! "You won't get as big cloves [if] you leave the scape on. Your garlic scapes … While harvesting scapes, monitor the plants for signs of maturity. I had given Georgina a bunch of scapes we had harvested from our garlic plants, and she sent me a photo of the scape frittata she made. Cut potatoes evenly into pieces roughly the size of your thumb. about 30 seconds. They looked like a bunch of green electrical cords or something, but they were obviously plants. 1 bunch garlic scapes, chopped into 1-inch pieces (about ½ cup) 4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice, optional Kosher salt and pepper, to taste. 1 bunch or 10-13 garlic scapes (about 1 cup chopped) 1/2 cup packed basil; 1/2 cup walnut pieces; 1/2 cup parmesan cheese; 2 teaspoons lemon juice … Pickled scapes will keep for a year when properly processed. Garlic Scapes a buncha ways: 1) Sliced on a Green Salad – Keep it simple and let the garlic … And it took a while for people to know what to do with the scapes," Gerber said. Since so many people ask me how to use garlic scapes, or how to cook with garlic scapes, I thought I would share my favorite 2 simple ways to use garlic scapes. Garlic scapes are in season from mid-July to early August., Audience Relations, CBC P.O. Gerber's favourite way to eat scapes is chopped up fresh in a salad, which adds a crunch to each bite. Garlic Scapes are the garlic's immature flower head that is trimmed off just before the garlic is harvested. There are so many delicious ways to use this hard-shell squash, from soups and salads to lasagna and pizza. He describes the flavour as a milder garlic with a slightly sweet taste. Growers realized that the meaty scape, packed with garlic's pungency, offered an interim fix for garlic lovers. beans, canned, rinsed and drained A rare edible that is only found two weeks out of the year. To start, you will need to blanch the scapes in a pot of salted boiling water. The whole spear may be eaten, as is. You probably won't see any garlic scape desserts here. Just crack open a bulb of garlic and get to work. Advice to the consumer? 1 acre (0.4 ha) of hardneck garlic produces 300-500 lbs (136-226 kg) of scapes. "When we first started 11 years ago there weren't a lot of people selling garlic at the market. Thanks. Brilliant, no? Garlic scapes keep well in a plastic bag in the fridge for two to three weeks. fresh garlic cloves instead of garlic scapes.If Box 500 Station A Toronto, ON Canada, M5W 1E6. Sautéed garlic scapes and swiss chard. Use garlic scapes any way you would use asparagus. 1/2 cup (120 ml) extra virgin olive oil Other recipe ideas follow below. There are so many ways to use scapes in your cooking and most of them are very simple so we thought we'd just give as many examples as possible to get you started: Chop into pieces and sauteé in butter or oil for about 5 - 6 minutes and serve like a … The first is an incredible Garlic Scape Compound Butter. Garlic Scapes Vinaigrette Dressing: garlic scapes add an unexpected crunch and bright, garlicky-oniony flavor to any salad. • Snip scapes finely into softened butter, and spread on baguettes to make a less pungent version of garlic bread. Garlic scapes are the shoot that comes up from the centre of the garlic plant. For a spicy kick, Godfried said chili flakes or mustard seed can be added. Ingredients. Preheat oven to 450°. 1 lb? Learn how to prepare scapes, how to store and deliciously simple ways to use those versatile long greens!. They make a fantastic pesto sauce, and turn your homemade salsa into, "One of a kind!" ;). Continue to cook for another 3-5 minutes. Duncan Godfried grows scapes at Hampton Hill Family Farm in Lakeside, just outside of Hampton. 1/2 cup garlic scapes, chopped 1/4 teaspoon sea salt They also make a killer sandwich filling. Garlic Scapes: How to use them! Also great with meat and fish, or as a dipping sauce for bread. You make pesto, just whatever you use garlic seasoning, you can use it," Gerber said. Add the beans to the bowl 1/8 teaspoon black pepper freshly ground, SERVE WITH Scapes taste kind of like a garlicky scallion. Season with salt and pepper and sautee for about 3-5 minutes. sliced baguette The garlic has about another week to fully cure. You can use the Scapes in many ways. 1/4 pound garlic scapes, cut off the bulb part and chop into 1/2 inch segments 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon coriander 1/3 teaspoon turmeric 1/4 teaspoon chili powder 1/3 pound snap peas, use whole or take peas out 1 bunch collards, chopped (can use spinach, kale, other greens in place of) About 10 years ago, I was shopping at a local co op that I made the trip to every weekend, and I came across an odd item in the produce. If Garlic scapes are the tender stem and flower bud of a hardneck garlic plant. While many people are aware of the many uses for the garlic bulbs, not as many are aware that the stalk of the garlic plant is also edible. Jan 29, 2017 - Recipes using Garlic Scapes--from pestos, to starters, to side dishes and main dishes. "They kind of have a texture of asparagus or green beans, crunchy kind of," Godfried said. Add your garlic scapes to the pan. Hence this video. If you are looking for Fresh Garlic Scapes They are only available for a short season of 3-4 weeks between June and July (depending on spring weather). tablespoons of olive oil and process. He also purees with oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and uses it as salad dressing. What I like about this garlic scape recipe is it moves scapes beyond the usual sauteed garlic scapes, which we have a video of here , into an area i … 1/2 cup (100 g) grated Parmesan cheese I trimmed off the bud ends which were beginning to turn yellow and simply snapped them into 2 inch lengths. So at the young tender age we clip them off and they're delicious to eat.". Favourite Recipes Grilled: toss in a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper, cook til part brown on BBQ or in a pan. Also great with meat and fish, or as a dipping sauce for bread. Garlic scapes are the shoot that comes up from the centre of the garlic plant.