Destination . Compiled May 2010 * indicates entries changed during P&O Group service. 12/29/1905. Ship Name: Graf Waldersee Occupation Gardener Traveling with a Theodor MULLER also a Gardener Destinaton Seattle WA Name: Paul Müller Arrival Date: 29 May 1911 Birth Year: abt 1895 Former Residence: Helfta, Germany Birth Location Other: Schraplau Germany Age: 16 Gender: Male Race­: German Port of Departure: Bremen 29 nov. 2012 - Photographs of S.S. Pennsylvania, Patricia, Graf Waldersee and Pretoria of the Hamburg-American Line - 1905 including five interior views of First and … The Hamburg passenger lists contain the names of millions of Europeans who departed Europe from Hamburg, Germany between 1850 and 1934 (except 1915–1919). For details on any of the ships listed, ... Graf Waldersee 1899 - 1919 KS. Graf Waldersee : see Pavia. If you have ancestors who emigrated … Publication date 1941 Topics Steamboat lines, Ships ... Ship's Manifest on this Reel . Graf Waldersee Original name retained. Music. The ship was typical of many smaller liners used for immigrant traffic. Graf Walderseewas towed to shallow water, where collision damage was sufficiently patched to allow her return to New York She spent World War I in Germany, and was taken over by the U.S. Navy following the end of the fighting. Granada 1856 Great Society 1685 Greate Hopewell 1623 Greyhound 1677 Griffin 1634 - 1749 Grosser Kurfurst 1900 - 1917 KS. Graf Waldersee. Grampian 1908 KS. 54,000 to Australia, and ca. Cameronia . Glasgow . Ship . 32 Ship Fact Sheet Z107 1919/1100 GRAF WALDERSEE (1899) Base data at November 1919. Additional Immigration Databases. 1905-07-29 SS Graf Waldersee Passenger List. Ca. Sadly, there are not complete sets of passenger lists to Canada before 1865 because of lack of government requirement to keep each ship manifest. Item Number: 28343. The ship was typical of many smaller liners used for immigrant traffic. Ship: GRAF WALDERSEE. Granada (1) 1899: 1900 taken over with de Freitas fleet, 1905 sold to Russia, renamed Sestorezk, returned to HAPAG reverted to Granada, 1920 ceded to Allies, 1922 sold to Visurgis & Co, Bremen renamed Brema. Staterooms. Library. Nearly one-third of Germans, and 90 percent of the people who emigrated from eastern Europe (Russia, Poland, Austria-Hungary, Romania) during this time are included on these lists. Upon application to the Deck Steward, steamer-chairs belonging to the Ocean Comfort Company can be rented for use on the voyage, at a charge of one dollar per chair. Departure Port . Albano: FRIEDMAN, Abram Mendel 1903 . Steerage was very uncomfortable and a money maker for the steamship lines. Steerage was very uncomfortable and a money maker for the steamship lines. Graf Waldersee, Hamburg America Line steamship, history and description, built 1898 at Hamburg by Blohm & Voss . Simon Zadrozny, 1910, SS Graf Waldersee from Hamburg Teodor Zadrozny, 1912, SS Prinz Oskar from Hamburg Czeslawa and Jan Zadrowski, 1903 SS Hanover Agata Zadrozna, 1910 SS Marion from Liverpool Alexander Zadrozny, 1912 Prinz Oskar from Hamburg Port of Arrival: Ellis Island, New York Adam Zadrozny Aleksander Zadrozny, 1910 SS. GRAF WALDERSEE 1898 The GRAF WALDERSEE was built by Blohm & Voss, Hamburg in 1898 for the Hamburg America Line and was one of four sister ships. If names of passengers were found, there will be a clickable link to take you directly to that list of names. Click on a ship name below for photos and descriptions. Aron. If you know the name of the ship on which your ancestor arrived in the United States from Hamburg and the date that ship arrived, Roger P. Minert's, Kathryn Boeckel's, and Caren Winter's Germans to America and the Hamburg Passenger Lists: Coordinated Schedules (FHL … Built for the Hamburg American Line, her maiden voyage was Hamburg-Boulogne-New York on April 2, 1899. — The Company is not responsible for theft if valuables or money are kept in the staterooms. Passengers free of charge by the Purser or Chief Steward, Support This Site - The Future of Our Past, Passenger Lists - Hamburg-Amerika Linie (Hamburg-America Line) HAPAG, Improve Your Family History Through Illustrations, Hamburg American Line History and Ephemera, Medical & Mental Inspection of Immigrants, Breakfast is served from 8:00 am to 10:00 am. Souvenir Postal Cards will be furnished to Ships arriving in America from Hamburg 1850 to 1934. Port of Departure: Hamburg, Germany; Date of Departure: 1908-09-11; Port of Arrival: New York, NY; Date of Arrival: 1908-09-26; Year: 1908.

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