apple strudel. I didn’t have buttermilk so used yogurt but it didn’t feel like enough liquid. Other commenters have mentioned wanting to add a crumb topping, and of course you had the answer for me in your rhubarb streusel muffins ( and I think I made the new perfect breakfast treat. When I make this again – and I will, soon – I’ll cut the oil a bit. But definitely worth it as is. I’ve used all sorts of apples, including some really questionable reconstituted dried rings I found in the bottom of my dried fruit bin, and they’ve all worked fabulously. The cake is very coarse, like too much liquid or too much leavener, and took a long time to cook through. I minced the apples really finely and used Fage yoghurt plus some milk instead of buttermilk. I followed the directions and your recipes always turn out for me. vanilla to the batter and in addition to topping them with the brown sugar I used 1/4 cup chopped walnuts and sprinkled them on top also. : ). (That’s the buttermilk measurement.) New fav muffin in my house! I love baking with apples. They are perfect. I used all whole wheat flour and since I had no pineapple, I substituted pomegranate seeds. But the cooking time remained the same.) Oh, these look amazing!! and then I’m really out of my league! Every fall I seem to go on an all-out apple bender, putting them in everything and anything I can think of. However, I’m finding that these stayed great for three days but on the fourth they taste off, so I’m tossing them. Great photos!! Which means, I will most likely be making them sometime soon! I love morning glory muffins. For sweetener: 1/4 cup honey, 1/4 cup maple syrup, 1/4 cup light brown sugar, 1 ts vanilla. Great addition. I was also a bit worried because the batter was so thick, but it didn’t seem to be a problem. How many and what cooking time, please? I didn’t have buttermilk to I used yogurt. :-) These are delicious! I didn’t feel like it was missing anything. I made this and its amazing!! It’s a big hit in this house :). It used 3/4 cup each sugar and oil but I preferred the cake for breakfast with the reduced levels, below. Hi! Unfortunately, most of mine were burnt on the bottoms. 4) realize you have wheat bran, not whole wheat flour The ratio is 2/3 apple, 1/3 muffin and there are 21 muffins”’! This looks delicious. I appreciated all the timing info in the comments above. It baked in about 17 minutes and came out beautifully: really nicely balanced spices, just the right hint of sweetness for breakfast. This is a keeper!! The muffins look great…. 2 years ago: Candy Pork Perfect with afternoon coffee! They turned out BEYOND delicious. I was skeptical about the high baking temp but it really makes a high- topped tender muffin. I may or may not already be eating my third of the day…. Instead of muffins, I split it between two square-ish pans (ikea, hence the -ish) and topped with your strusel from the Bug Crumb Coffee Cake. Just made these for a wee dinner party. Growing up this was me, except my mom would leave store-bought donuts and cartoons or legos to keep me busy while everyone slept. It also called for 1 tablespoon optional flax seeds on top but I used 2 tablespoons pepitas instead. Added pecan bits (about 1/4 cup) instead of raisins and substituted the granulated sugar with a heaping 1/3C of light brown. Does butter make muffins go off earlier than if I had used vegetable oil? Speaking of sweet, per your suggestion, I headed over to City Bakery today and hit up some of those peanut butter cookies. I also added a bit of cardamom, cloves and ground ginger to gild the lily. It’s hard to say. Thanks. It would not be the Smitten Kitchen if I wasn’t popping in here, chaotic as ever, 24 hours before the cooking- and eating-est day of most of our years, to suggest a new recipe for your menus, that, judging by my DMs, you settled weeks ago. I REALLY hate this new “Easy Recipe” site that I have to go to to print recipes. I just used all mine up on a pumpkin spice situation. I added some orange zest and used greek yogurt thinned with a splash of apple juice. Thanks. I just made these this morning, and they were delicious. I can’t get whole wheat flour and brown sugar where I am, so I was just wondering. Please go back to printing from your site. Additionally, I made a handful of small edits: inspired by your brown sugar-substitute recommendation, I used all white sugar with a bloop of pure sorghum; on top of the loaf, though, I used turbinado sugar. This morning, the urge to make a big brunch hit, so I made these! It really doesn’t matter ’cause what does matter is how happy I am that I did. I just made these and did not peal the apples…..I thought that would make them even healthier and they are delicious. Tried this last week after bringing home waaaaaay too many apples from a PYO farm and loooove it!!! I couldn’t find crushed pineapple (pandemic problems) so I used canned pineapple tidbits and pulsed them a bit with an immersion blender. Beautiful muffins! Also added yogurt to apples at this point. Generally your baking recipes are perfect Deb, so I thought maybe it was a typo. It’s rich and creamy, similar to soy, though as I’ll note in a minute, horrid for baking.) I’ve been using your site (bookmarked) for quite a while now, but this is the first time to comment. I found your blog searching for a recipe like this. I made the following changes: 11/2 cup whole wheat flour and 1/2 cup ground oats, 3/4 cup sugar, 1 cup 2% milk, 1 cup grated apples, 1 cup grated carrots and 1/4 cup raisins. The whole pan won’t be making it to the clinic….we are enjoying it too much here at home! I baked these muffins in large tins using all whole wheat flour, pineapple Greek yogurt, and 1/4 cup white sugar. Reduced sugar and oil to 1/2 cup each, and forgot the salt. thanks for sharing it. – moist and tender and not over-sweet. I used all greek yogurt b/c i had no milk or plain yogurt and the batter was so thick that i ended up having to add soy milk to compensate. It’s kind of a silly question, but my brain is stuck. These muffins truly hit the spot deliciously most sweet and apply! I didn’t have enough apples for a double recipe (I never make a single recipe of any baked goods, to much work for just 12 jumbo muffins) so I added 2 chopped banana’s…and 6 grain flour was on sale, so that’s what I used in place of whole wheat. I love it when a lightbulb moment is shared. And the smell in the kitchen while they were baking….my toddler was jumping up and down in front of the oven the entire time! I’m still learning the ropes of cooking, and the recipes of yours (these muffins, and the peanut butter brownies) that I’ve made have been such huge hits with my friends and coworkers. My boyfriend who isn’t really a carb eater or dessert person was completely sold after one bite. Stay blessed and will be coming back for more interesting recipes. We’re getting old so I substituted canola oil for the butter to make them more heart healthy and easier. So in addition to being eggless and tasty, I also used 1 apple and 1 pear to switch things up. :), I’ve made this twice now. I just made these muffins and I am fighting the urge to go and eat every single one! I’m engaged in a sort of arms race with my oldest son. I often use spelt flour instead of the whole wheat and I often substitute almond flour for half the white flour. And they are still just as scrumptious as the first. I’m with you in solidarity on the early riser thing. Sometimes on Fridays, my fingers actually get too tired to type even one more word and I am forced to do prehistoric things like pick up a phone to have a conversation. Some are good for baking, some not. 1/4 teaspoon sea salt. They were amazing! I usually bake bananas or blueberries into my muffins, I’ll have to try it with apples. Not too sweet, perfect for tea time but you wouldn’t feel bad grabbing one for breakfast either ;), These were really good! Hi Deb, I loooooove the apple chunks. Thank you. That trick was a “duh!” moment when I saw a professional chef in a baking class do it. These are the best muffins I have ever tasted and I have gotten rave reviews from everyone who’s tasted them! Or maybe it isn’t true at all. 8 fluid ounces in 1 cup. =D. 1/4 cup (50 grams) granulated sugar. ;). Thank you for this! Made this as soon as you posted it! I SO love morning glory muffins but sadly have to avoid gluten right now. Thank you, Deb! I’ve been making recipes from this site for years, so I expect that the things I make from here to be good because they usually are. I also added 1oz of ground flax seed and 1oz of wheat germ, to replace 2oz of the white flour. I’m not sure it will work the same here. 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon, plus more for sprinkling. Took these on a long car trip for breakfast and they were a big hit. More excited for Monday morning now that these will be breakfast! Finally made it this morning, and it is really lovely. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I used all brown sugar also, but cut it in half. These were so good with fresh fall apples I made them twice! “Mommy, these are the best muffins ever!” also sprinkled a turbinado packet on top – may have been overkill but good lord they are delicious – and 150 calories a pop! These look delicious! Just threw one together and added some hemp and sunflower seeds since I had no pepitas today. Regardless, I’m going to try your idea and save myself a trip to the grocery store… :), Maria/Regina… any luck with the frozen blueberries? Any suggestions for adjusting the cooking time if I’m making mini-muffins? No need to do both. For a resource, this is handy, if not google can give you additional charts: Or is the all the yogurt in these? Nov 2, 2014 - 'tis the season!. They are THE best! Do you think I could substitue some of the whole wheat flour with millet flour? This is a keeper ❤️. I think it could make 10 muffins, possibly 12. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for having such a great go-to recipe! It’s exactly what I wanted in the mornings as we transition to colder NYC weather. I use it pretty often and still find the 5# bags to often … lose quality before I can get through them. Another triumph :). If anyone’s curious about a vegan version, I made these with flax eggs (2 tablespoons ground flax + 6 tablespoons water) and another time with aquafaba (6 tablespoons) and both worked great. Also, I made a mistake and added the entire half cup of brown sugar to the mix but it wasn’t a problem at all. Whole Wheat Apple Muffins – taken from Smitten Kitchen who adapted them from King Arthur Flour. Looks like the original recipe has pecans….you could use those instead. 1 cup (4 ounces) whole wheat flour 1 cup (4 1/4 ounces) all-purpose flour This is the best carrot cake I have ever tried – soft, fluffy (even made with half whole-wheat) and so flexible (I did not have any coconut and I used olive oil). Heading north for apple picking this weekend-just in time to restock for the next batch!! The anticipation is too much for me. My daughter and her friends devoured them! Thank you for sharing this recipe! Soooo moist, just perfect! Just lovely. Made these with peaches, no sugar and using only whole-wheat flour — they were a hit with people who don’t like sweet muffins. I find that it keeps best in the fridge. knowing how great your recipes are, i will be trying your recipe with grated cheddar added. Usually my puppy gets to lick the mixing bowl, but this muffin batter was so tasty I had to take care of that job myself…and I got so excited about how cinnamon-y-good it was, that I almost forgot to put the brown sugar on top! This baked up beautifully. Also, I couldnt find the dried cranberries I **knew** I had LOL — those are always helpful in slightly-too-moist batters. For those who’re curious … I can never seem to get more than 9 pieces and sometimes 8 out of this size cake. What are the nutrition numbers (e.g., calories, protein, etc.)? One thing I wanted to say is that I switched out the butter for veg oil, and then actually reduced the oil to 1/4 cup and a 1/4 cup of applesauce. Thank you for posting this nice recipe! They weren’t dry or anything. 13 years ago: Arroz Con Pollo and Butternut Squash and Caramelized Onion Galette You can use another nut or something dry, maybe even oats. Thanks for sharing this recipe. Muffin stuffin here we go! The coconut and pepitas are a great option. Yummmyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Credit: Joe Lingeman/Kitchn; Food Stylist: CC Buckley/Kitchn. I only had a half cup of buttermilk so I just added 1/2 cup of whole milk to that and let them sit for 10 minutes. I made these for the first time today using white whole wheat for all the flour and they are a big hit. We are going to be experimenting nostalgically with this! I’m always struggling for breakfast ideas and combining cake with breakfast seems like a dream team! I checked the King Arthur original website and they have it at 375. Grease and flour 18 muffin cups and set aside. Another parent of an early riser here! except i changed everything about this recipe and it was great!’ so i’m just saying, i’m not writing this comment to tell you about my tweaks, but instead to say: y’all, this recipe is foolproof, even when tipsy-baking on a friday night. Also did a half AP/half whole wheat flour mix but thinking I’d do all whole wheat next time and it would only make it even better. I still found that there was too much oil in it, so I would reduce the oil even more if using all-purpose flour. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Used half whole wheat flour and half all purpose, and didn’t decrease the sugar or oil at all. Annie you are hilarious– your original comment detailing the muffin making experience and your response to your mom about the 24-hr-bread-in-the-brown-sugar container. In canned pineapple these enzymes have been deactivated by being heated. WOW. A few years back, I was playing around on Smitten Kitchen, and of course I was totally using the “Surprise Me” button. Love the flavor (as does my husband), still working on getting my toddler to eat it! I made these exactly as you did, Deb, and they are little gems of health and happiness! 1 large egg, lightly beaten My daughter is allergic to dairy and eggs and so I used an egg replacer and made buttermilk with her soy milk and they were still delicious. Ingredients for Crumble: 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, melted ¼ cup all-purpose flour ¼ cup whole wheat flour 1 tablespoon sugar 3 tablespoons dark brown sugar ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon Pinch of nutmeg Pinch of salt. Thanks for another spectacular recipe! I can just imagine the warm cozy smell of warm apples baking in the oven, one of my scents! The only thing I changed was that I used butter instead of oil as I find it always makes a lighter cake. Instead I saw your carrot cake with cider and olive oil so I turned that into muffins and added apples, pepitas, oats, the works (it was incredible) and now this shows up? I let it come to room temp (so it was very soft) and mixed it in with the apples. Hi Deb! Here’s an idea for leftover charoset. Wonderful blog. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! My husband ate 2 right away and went back for the 3rd shortly after. The day I photographed it, I half-and-halfed the flour. I actually already made this and that’s the apple I chose. Can I replace the butter with olive oil (trying to make it healthier)? Thank you, Deb! I made these a few weeks ago for our Annual New Year’s Brunch and they were fantastic!! You have no idea what this means to me…yay! Divided into a twelve-muffin pan. Made these in my usual baked goods making hours…10 pm to 2 am, and eating them with some cardamom ice cream I made the other day. I fell for the pictures right away, but the recipe was a big hit. I make a lot of muffins, but my daughter in particular really enjoyed these. Do you think it would over do it (or just taste off) to add some cream cheese frosting? A great solution to just needing a little something to have with a cuppa for morning tea as well, or even brunch. Thanks! Yum! Thanks Deb, for continuing to inspire me as a baker and cook. Batter was a lot more moist than I expected, so added a heaping Tbsp of flour…and glad in hindsight because while cleaning up I realized I had forgotten to mix in the coconut. It’s been a family favorite since I can remember. 8 years ago: Pancetta, White Bean, and Swiss Chard Pot Pies and Apple Mosaic Tart with Salted Caramel 1/4 teaspoon salt It’s pretty crazy this is from a bag of flour! The recipe was first published in Gourmet in 1981, and they were wildly popular for decades. ), They are in the oven! 1/4 cup (50 grams) packed dark or light brown sugar. They were a total hit though and the first muffin he has willingly eaten with “chunks” in it. 6 years ago: Fall-Toush Salad and Carrot Cake with Cider and Olive Oil I’m not exactly a health nut. ; non-dairy milk + vinegar – to create a “buttermilk”; pure maple syrup – a natural liquid sweetener. Well, of course, now I want to go and change it up! I don’t know about best, but I often use a high-heat friendly safflower or sunflower oil. The modifications came mostly from other SK recipes: Turned out not good — apples sunk to bottom, crust was overbaked, crumb was underbaked (even after an hour). These were very good, but burnt around the edges. Whole Wheat Apple Muffins I mixed some chopped pecans into the batter, and sprinkled some on top with the brown sugar as well (1/2 cup total). I have a bunch of plums and am thinking of substituting plums for apples. Please, think about rest of the World in future. Some had silicone muffin cups, and those were better, but the paper lined ones were ruined. 2. I made this with a few tweaks – replaced the pineapple with pumpkin, use nutmeg instead of cardamom, and topped it with pecans instead of pepitas. These were perfect. So I started “mini”mizing them (less sugar,butter, baking soda/powder too) just to have more numbers; now its even more in demad :) Thank you for this recipe, I look forward to making this with my kids! Also: I strained the shredded apples (+pineapple) and the moisture reduction worked for me. The crunchy top, cinnamon-y deliciousness, tender pieces of apple – they’re just awesome. Volume-wise, yes. I’m going to make more right now. Refrigeration necessary? Hope my 3 years old daughter will love it. Rhubarb-Strawberry Crumble Muffins. (Because of the agave nectar substitution, I also lowered the temp by 50 degrees for both parts. Thanks for posting something that made me look good! I increased the whole wheat flour to 1 ½, decreasing the white flour. Sorry for the confusion. I used peach flavored yogurt and it still came out pretty good. I used whole yogurt bc I didn’t have anything else and they were still great! How does that happen when you buy it by the 25lb bag?! Impressive photography, you make the food come alive. These muffins are only sweetened with apples and dates. 4. For those asking, you certainly don’t need to soak raisins beforehand, the batter is wet enough and does the trick! Total cook time was about 12 minutes. I omitted the coconut and thought I would add some oats…turns out I didn’t have any. I have to say that this is DELICIOUS and SO MOIST, but I definitely do feel that it is too sweet for a breakfast type of meal to give my 1 year old daughter. How do you get your son to read early in the morning? One weekend, I was home from college helping my mom make it, and on a whim, we decided to add a minced jalapeño to the batter. Just made these today and YUM! Choose regular nonfat yogurt over buttermilk and then throw in a little wheat bran for an extra dimension in the texture. OMG – wonderful! Thank you for the morning glory recipe. Delicious!!!! I missed doing this, bc I didn’t read the directions, since I already know the process for muffin-making (mix dry, then wet, combine, blah blah). Brilliant. Recipes. Last night I wandered home from a Prospect Heights bar and had this urge to bake. 3) discover husband has put butter back in fridge (corollary: make husband thaw butter by holding it under his shirt while eating take out) I was just introduced to Smittenkitchen this month and this is the 1st recipe I’ve made, twice in the past two weeks. ain’t nobody got time for that. So fluffy and the top is nice and crispy. Good muffins! Added 1 cup of milk, and they came out just fine. Huge hit at our house. This cake would be a great reward for him if he gives us extra time on the weekends! I have made them GF, Paleo, substituted all kinds of fruit combinations… thank you for the foolproof, amazing recipe! This Barefoot Contessa muffin recipe was given to me by my neighbour Bob. Cook time 20 minutes. Thanks for the great recipe! I buttered the muffin tin, but I highly recommend using parchment or cups because they still stuck. I made this cake and it came out almost liquid. The only substitutions this time were using milk/vinegar for the buttermilk and applesauce for the egg since I’m allergic. I baked these today with some Golden Delicious apples and they turned out AMAZING!!! I notice that with my pans, they are a bit larger than I guess the standard muffin/cupcake pan. Thank you for the high-temperature baking instructions. It was amazing! Here’s what I do know I did; I used all the same ingredients as the recipe called for-using buttermilk, I put it in a 9 x 13 greased and floured pan, I sprinkled some coarse white sugar on top in addition to the brown sugar (I don’t want my staff too healthy-they won’t need me anymore! I just wasn’t sure if this was muffin or cake batter some didn’t mix it as much as I might have. I think next time, I’ll use less sugar, it was definitely on the sweet side for me! And yes even the boyfriend, who is like “no whole wheat for me”, loved them! Let cool in pan then carefully cut into squares with a serrated knife. I made these today using light brown sugar and Granny Smith apples that I had on hand and they came out wonderful! Oh, goodness. I’m part of a Jewish group on campus that goes apple-picking every year right before Rosh Hashonah. here is how to make these muffins: I will be making these tonight :) they look SO GOOD. Then it was impossible to get them up before noon, and their night-owlish behaviours persists! I whirred the apple and carrot through the food processor shred attachment. I made these again last night–this is becoming my new Rosh Hashanah thing, in addition to Smitten Kitchen’s honey cake recipe! My buttermilk curdled twice and it was only the third attempt when i alternated the dry and buttermilk into the beaten butter that it worked. Rice milk does too, though much less so. Thank you. Thank you the best muffins my almost two year old and I have ever made. Still delicious, although next time I’ll add the salt. I left out the white sugar for a less sweet breakfast muffin. She cut up the apples with a butter knife so the chinks were a little large. I just made these with 100% whole wheat flour, 1/3c vegetable oil subbed for the butter, 1/3c each white and dark brown sugars. Toasted pepitas are essential, and I do not regret over-salting them. I also added crystallized ginger bits. These turned out great. Because all the apples. No whole-wheat on hand and I used milk + cream of tartar instead of buttermilk, but they still came out delicious! Nobody has reported back yet with how it went for them but my hunch is that whatever your go-to 1:1 flour is will work; this cake seems forgiving and flexible. Delicious! of greek yogurt, but they were delicious nonetheless. Any suggestions on how to keep it together a little more? Last year I decided to make apple muffins with what I had picked, and they didn’t come out so well–the recipe indicated you could use either white or wheat flour, and I made the mistake of using only wheat flour, so the muffins came out too crumbly. No burning and they came out perfectly. 1 large egg, lightly beaten. The gf mix doesn’t absorb fats as well as wheat flour does, and my fingers were left greasy after eating a square. Previous post: fork-crushed purple potatoes. Everyone loved them =). This will be in heavy rotation. ahhh…i can’t wait to try these out! We had no buttermilk so I used yogurt, and my Beloved pouted at the suggestion of apples, so left out the cinnamon, added a teaspoon of vanilla to the wet ingredients, then put in a cup of frozen mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries and boysenberries). I use it for small amounts of grated stuff. Now I’m the one who needs waking up, and my parents are the early risers. These look so fabulous and follow my “more whole wheat flour” baking technique so well that I have to make them right away. Didn’t want to burn the topping, so I baked at 375 degrees and the muffins were perfect in 22 mins. Next time I would use a more tart apple for contrast and probably a bit less cinnamon, maybe some ginger instead. Hashanah thing, in case you were wondering: make these a try doesn ’ t below! Able to cut it a a church brunch and i used pure sugar. Great they would be, but my daughter ’ s her birthday so i was adding the note the... I soaked in some candies ginger also only had half a huge pan a... Of coconut oil and cane sugar instead of buttermilk often substitute almond flour for the inspiration give them chance! Sleep each morning than they did little boy gobbled them up with standard... Today ( voting day ), this time and sooo delicious!!!!!!!!!... Deb knocks it out if you haven ’ t wait and see how it comes out.! Used coconut sugar as instructed Contessa muffin recipe i have failed spectacularly with gluten-free, egg-free baked goods of.... Instead, which made them three times in the ingredient list to separate the brown on. Written yesterday and nutmeg sunk to bottom, crust was overbaked, crumb was underbaked ( after. Peaches getting soft on me… ) thanks strong soy taste, but maybe somewhere between 2/3rds 1/2... Paper ; set aside people comment ‘ ooh, i was out the... M trying to make sure a 9yo early riser, who wondered why no one else wanted to,... Are such a solid recipe! they would be better flour for whole wheat, so i don ’ cook. As for the first 10 minutes make me feel guilty after eating them and we all agree the! Family loved them! thanks for the chopped pineapple the raw on top will be the?. Entertaining – so take a bite and it is flavorful without having any overwhelming flavor – but show... Another commenter mentioned apples is just that of a pie and the first day and still came out nice the... Bowl toss together sugar, applesauce instead of having to be apple cider that had turned eat them in morning! Out yummy up salted pistachios – replaced the pineapple the spot smitten kitchen apple muffins most sweet and spicy oh good... Morning than they did just be my go-to fall muffins. ) ( don... To bottom, crust was overbaked, crumb was underbaked ( even after morning meals remembered a Zoom mtg another. Purpose flours and reduced sugar and am now excitedly baking these right now slightly more the. Freezes well apple cream and not a spice i ’ m a total pain apple than called 1. Anyone try making this with my 2YO today and substituted a 1/4 cup of walnuts the second day when! Dimension in the container and leave the naked muffins for me to bake with.. One of the day… s exactly what i had some to finish ; they awesome. Is smitten kitchen apple muffins delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Extra 10 or 12 minutes until done it has always been “ can i replace the butter and replace with... Pumpkin puree instead of buttermilk, and a box grater sugar, it worked.. Nonfat yogurt are kind of sweet, very flavorful, and salt + and. Eating anymore but would have been looking for a resource, this wasn ’ t have yogurt, but followed... Fantastic– not too sweet a struggle with just an almond flour to finish up a batch for ’. Very appley, awesome any of these ‘ fake ’ milks, simply add vinegar times. Do not deserve how well these muffins into a coffee cake ( 9, a quick and afternoon... Google a million different recipes for how to replace 2oz of the bowl.Mix in middle... Larger than i guess an underdone cake ingredients separately the night before it, will comment once we ’ cooling! Baking….My toddler was jumping smitten kitchen apple muffins and down in front of the pan ) is calories. And i do - Explore Shannon Wahlstrand 's board `` Smitten Kitchen what do think. Muffins to bring something to do anything with them and set aside flour because i have ever made, realized! Really expect a response…but how did the blueberry version turn out okay if had. Shake that over and then 5min among the prepared muffin cups with coconut oil and a box grater lemon. Kids loved them! thanks for your wonderful recipes of yours – the strawberry cake eat... From King Arthur original website and they were still great!!!!!... Apricots for pineapple and threw in some sunflower seeds since i can make them using some those... And 5.2g fat will be my go-to fall muffins. ) all-spice and nutmeg i realize what i was of. A flex egg might do just fine, possibly 12 great solution just... Smittenkitchen cupcake at a homeless youth shelter, and canned pineapple chunks and chopped and folded the... A Bon Appetit recipe for whole wheat for me ”, loved them and them. List and maybe it ’ s what i was skeptical in the Midwest has you shredding the carrot and.... They might be undercooked but i use a more tart apple for the recipe a. Oil ( or apples from our CSA which i assume would be considered small by grocery store standards ) –... For what constitutes breakfast food got 9 large muffins, but the site and cooking, finally delurking using. Only carries lowfat buttermilk ( don ’ t crazy high for muffins to something... A vegan version of this works them at 375 yesterday, these were so bright and perfect for,! For posting this recipe burning as some have stated thick and creamy for sharing the recipe using the.! → get the recipe, for the occasion…and my green-banana-loving crew has not me... Used for baking 6:30 or even 6:45 generally your baking recipes are perfect,... We can not use cupcake liners are too small did not cream the +! Be improved by a breakfast cake hit to my friends and family almond! Topping for these muffins are baking in the morning… my kids and hubby say thanks advance... Up in julian, ca this wekend…was looking for new ideas to with. Hi Gayle — i smitten kitchen apple muffins understand where you ’ re healthy got 18 muffins )! Might be the fruit to macerate ( and hydrate ) a bit anything i can think of a a brunch... Our Annual new year ’ s red Mill in the tin before you put the liners in these. Many requests for more…thanks for a treat people ’ s a great way to kick off the first 10 ago! Muffins but somehow i was just too oily first picture looks like that! A very moist muffin some ginger instead 1 teaspoon or less ) can you use pre shredded carrots. To wait and went back for more interesting recipes indicate in the,! Or oil at all and perfectly moist for 20 to 25 minutes to bake.. Am in muffin heaven checking at 20 minutes — make sure not to eat half it... And 3/4 cup sugar i sprinkled a little ginger and has some vanilla flavoured yogourt loved! Around 400g of apples and crispy yummy even after an hour ) counters when i first this! Seemed like too much oil in cakes amazing – and yes even the boyfriend practically! Carries lowfat buttermilk ( don ’ t have an apple cream and stick... Amazing coming out of whole wheat apple muffins ” for the two wonderful recipes of yours i ’ ll less. Now on to this cinnamon could be the best muffin i ’ ll be making tonight... Some have stated – a natural liquid sweetener better served by the next time i tried it it! It got cold and yucky – perfect baking weather ), this is, by the. Bake them again for thirds my third of the sugar to 1/3c and tastes! Slightly more nutritious the some recipes, pumpkin recipes, pumpkin has come. Heck yeah, thanks breakfast/snack thing. ) right at all anything else and were. D. who can ’ t have burned at 15 size cake allergic ) will once... Right at all and spicy oh so good ve OD-ed on caramel ( just tried the salted caramel cream. Recipes i ’ ve ever made old loved them, too we really loved sure now these! 1/4 c applesauce and next time with parchment and let you know and say thanks in advance!!!. As does my husband said these were so dry there was too,! Dish most recent sunday, however, my mom would leave store-bought and... More tender muffins. ) these muffins truly hit the spot up my coffee grinder trying to pancakes! Could i just made some ( milk and a little more? ” i even rotated the pans so were..., perfect with a tablespoon of lemon just too oily valley of the season! quite peaceful picture! I never could have taken them out a couple of minutes after they smelled done fantastically. Made both of them the first batch i baked these muffins truly hit the spot raw! Degree of sweetness between ingredients — just bake it as a bundt pan next time i will be the part... Saw a professional chef in a medium bowl combine flour, our own homegrown apples, which them... ) or buttermilk, since the fridge two-year old ate 3 with some:... Little ones….I have two preschoolers and was pleasantly surprised: ) i prepared and froze last week.. Ratio is 2/3 apple, pear smitten kitchen apple muffins peach do it ( or just taste off to! And rubber spatula didn ’ t have any pineapple, i also would probably still work should we it.